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Qualification Management

         ACT has alway been pursuing the management idea of effective management to constantly carry out the management innovation on the base of absorbing the international advanced management experience and combining with the actual development of the company. At the same time of fully implementing ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO/TS16949:2009, ISO13485 and 2003 standard system, we also adopt a variety of advanced management methods to promote quality and comprehensive ability.

1. Company Qualification

2. Introduction of management innovation activity

A . Team construction
     Through the establishment of team, each team will build it’s own slogan, management area. And each team itself discusses around topics such as quality improvement, safety production and reasonable production scheduling and formulate improvement measures and management objectives and so on to improve the yield and quality. So as to improve employees’ enthusiasm and self-management, which in turn create more profits. 

B. TQM (Total Quality Management)
      We carry out systematic comprehensive quality management and take the form of QC  activity groups. In allusion to the kay quality defects and several top quality problems in the process of introduction, we will organize an inter-departmental QC team including engineering, quality, production and other departments to overcome the difficulties, form operation and control guidance, solve the quality problems and improve product percent of pass. 

C. 6SIGMA management 
      We implement”6SIGMA quality management” on the basis of the existing quality management and results, through model evaluation process of “D recognition, M measurement, A analysis, I improvement, C monitoring” carrying out the improvement of projects, so as to minimize the failure in production and service, reduce waste, enhance productivity and process capability and improve customers’ satisfaction constantly.

D. TPM  Equipment preventive management
      In the case of full participation from top leader to the first line of operation staffs, managers do depth field visits combined with activity group establishing a PM comprehensive system with the the whole use process from introduction to scrap of the equipment as the object, to achieve the maximum efficiency of the machine and pursue the maximum efficiency of production system constantly.

E. IE ( Industrial engineering)
     Through the research of IE methods and analysis of the whole process from materials supply, production to shipment as well as the layout of the factory, movement of the material, configuration of the work area, cooperation between the machine and personnels, operators’ action etc., we optimize the whole manufacturing system to make the production system more perfect, production efficiency more high and the environment more comfortable. 

F. Training
     As an important link in quality assurance, we have always been attaching great importance to training of employees, which includes internal training and communication of company, hiring professionals and experts to company and sending out training etc., to improve the work ability and quality management ability of employees effectively.  

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