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Service Tenet

       High-quality and efficient services are the key to the electronic manufacturing industry. Quick response is what we always pursue.

       Our goal is to deliver high-quality products in the shortest quick turn.

1. Multiple languages, fast communication

       We have high-quality sales personnels having a good command of English, German, Japanese and other foreign languages, who are capable of having a barrier-free communication with foreign customers in the first place directly to save a lot of time for customers; We provide you with professional housekeeper type services of “A point access, full follow-up” and whole-process management of business operations; For any questions with the customer, we will make a satisfactory reply within 24 hours. In China, the customer service staffs will rush to the scene within 48 hours; In foreign countries, the agents we have contracted can handle and solve problems on the spot rapidly for customers. 

2. Professional quotation center, rapid response, for the sake of customers

       We have set up a special quotation center to respond the needs of the quotation within 4 hours and provide you with a detailed quotation sheet (material and processing cost, engineering cost, etc.), allows you to fully understand price structure in time.

3. Experienced CAM design team, process-oriented CAM processing

      Our CAM is such a team that has rich experience in PCB manufacturing and support the processing of data, file 24 hours a day to ensure the customer data can be read, reviewed, confirmed and produced in first time. For engineering problem, we will conduct process-oriented processing to confirm with the customer in a timely manner. 

4. A variety of professional logistics modes to ensure the process of transportation

      We cooperate with professional logistics teams to offer door-to-door logistics solutions to air freight, ocean freight, sea-air freight and so on for foreign customers and bonded warehouse logistics services for domestic customers.

5. Professional technology services business team, we promise customer the delivery date

A. Fast sample service
    1. The delivery date for single and double-sided boards is in 2-5 days. 
    2. The delivery date for multilayer boards is in 6-10 days. 
B. The delivery date for the general production
    1. Single and double-sided boards is in 5-7 days;
    2. Multilayer boards is in 10-15 days. 

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